Mobile Carriers

Mi5 Security’s “RedEye Wireless” surveillance cameras are world leading standalone outdoor cameras that utilise clean technology to operate maintenace free in any location. These cameras use pervasive cellular data  technologies to communicate with the secure iDefigo cloud-computing platform.

  • iDefigo delivers a high ARPU M2M service for Mobile Network Operators 
  • The iDefigo EcoSystem provides a M2M hub for customers to monitor remote assets 

Highly Scalable Architecture

The number of cameras and devices that can be connected to the iDefigo cloud service is virtually unlimited. Enterprise deployments of the platform are also supported.

Enterprise Grade 

The iDefigo platform has been built from the ground up to enable integration at multiple levels within any organisation’s systems.

Security Grade 

The iDefigo platform delivers full security-grade surveillance management for cameras connected over cellular networks.

Carrier Grade 

The iDefigo Platform is a white-labeled solution with flexible billing and CSR interfaces to support strong channel partners.

User Focus

iDefigo utilises highly visual internet app technologies to enable customers to manage their own monitoring and security requirements on any desktop, iPhone, iPad or Android device.