Mi5 introduces BlueEye, the next generation in portable security and surveillance. These wire-free cameras offer quick and easy installation, without cumbersome wiring or power requirements.

BlueEye incorporates a patented, ultra low power design, which means it is able to run on battery power longer than any other security camera on the market!  BlueEye can optionally be seamlessly integrated to any existing alarm system.

BlueEye captures critical images of events (attacks, vandalism, thefts) in high resolution - without the usual degradation in quality of CCTV still images, so you can identify the culprit beyond any doubt!

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High quality, compact digital surveillance camera – monochrome or colour option

Discrete housing designed to look like a standard alarm sensor (PIR)

Simple “Set & Forget” operation

  1. Position camera – no cabling
  2. Arm camera – via remote controller
  3. Review images on any computer

Ultra low-power portable camera

  • Up to 9 weeks standby with the included rechargeable battery
  • Optionally add the camera to your existing alarm! The camera is triggered by your alarm and the backup battery ensures image capture is never interrupted

High resolution images

  • Using a new technique, images are captured and stored in high resolution, providing you the highest quality imagery available
  • New video compression technique allows 65,000 high quality VGA images on the removable storage!
  • Optionally overwrite the oldest images when the memory card is full for ‘set and forget’ operation

BlueEye – Wired into Alarm System

  • The BlueEye camera seamlessly integrates into any new/existing alarm system
  • BlueEye is a drop-in replacement for existing motion detectors (PIR)
  • Can be installed together with identical looking motion detectors
  • Fast and easy setup – camera comes pre-configured with all necessary settings
Image Type  Colour or Monochrome, JPEG compressed VGA (640 x 480 pixels), QVGA (320 x 240) 
Camera Lens  Standard: 3.7mm, 54° horizontal, 39° vertical 
Image Sensor Sensitivity  Colour (C): 3.8 V/Lux-sec Monochrome (M): 3.0 V/Lux-sec 
Motion Sensor  Type: PIR
  Range: 0-5 m (16ʼ) (minimum), 0-12 m (39ʼ) (typical) Field of View: 100° horizontal, 80° vertical 
Memory Card  MMCTM Card (v4.2) or SDTM Card (v1.1), FAT16 file format 
Approximate Image Capacity  2GB Memory Card: VGA: 32,000 images, QVGA: 65,000 images 
External Power Supply  9VDC to 13.8VDC, 250 mA (Plug tip polarity + or - ) 
Internal Battery Capacity  2 week standby battery - Lithium Ion, 3.7V 600mAh (BlueEye for Alarms) 9 week standby battery - Lithium Ion, 3.7V 3000mAh (BlueEye Kit) 
Power Consumption  Standby: 1.9 mA Running: 100 mA Charging: 200 mA 
Case Dimensions  116 H x 67 W x 55 D mm (4.6” x 2.6” x 2.2”) 
Weight  172g (6 oz), including battery 
Operating Temperature  -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F) 
PC Software Requirements  Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista 


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