RedEyeMi5 introduces RedEye, the next generation of security & surveillance devices.  These wire-free, rugged cameras offer quick and easy installation, without cumbersome wiring or power requirements.

RedEye incorporates a patented, ultra low power design, which means these outdoor devices can run for longer than any other portable security camera. The internal battery is continuously charged the camera's integrated solar panel.

Capture activity at all times of the day or night in high resolution - without the usual degradation in quality of CCTV still images, so you can identify critical events, or identify the culprit beyond any doubt!

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High quality, compact outdoor digital surveillance camera, housed in a rugged weatherproof housing (IP65) 

Simple “Set & Forget” operation

  • Position camera – no cabling
  • Arm camera – simply turn it on!
  • Review images on any computer

Ultra low-power portable camera…

  • Up to 5 months standby with the internal rechargeable battery included
  • Integrated solar panel trickle-charges the battery to provide continuous power
  • RedEye can also be wired to an external power source

Captures high resolution still images

  • Inbuilt motion detector with programmable image sequence
  • Images are time & date stamped with digital signature
  • Privacy ensured – images can be digitally encrypted
  • Wide-angle lens (telephoto lens options available)
  • Capture up to 210,000 images on removable storage
  • Colour or Mono images (RedEye DayNight is mono only)

Modular options

  • Integrated night vision spotlight with invisible or semi-invisible infra-red (RedEye DayNight)
  • GSM Wireless internal modem (RedEye Wireless)
  • RedEye REMOTE for covert surveillance from a distance
  • Interfacing with alarms or other devices with expansion board
  • Remote control enables easy camera activation
Image Type  Colour or Mono JPEG compressed VGA (640x480pixels), QVGA (320x240) 
Camera Lens  RVK-01M: 3.3mm, AOV: 61°(H) x 47°(V) – 5-10m focal point RIK-01M: 3.3mm, AOV: 61°(H) x 47°(V) – 5-10m focal point REK-01C: 3.7mm, AOV: 54°(H) x 39°(V) – 5-10m focal point REK-08*: 8.0mm: AOV: 26°(H) x 20°(V) – 15-20 m focal point REK-16*: 16.0mm: AOV: 13°(H) x 10°(V) – 30-40m focal point 
Image Sensor Sensitivity  RedEye - Colour (C): 3.8 V/Lux-sec RedEye - Monochrome (M): 4.9 V/Lux-sec 
Motion Sensor (PIR)  Range: 0-5m (16’) (Min), 0-12m (39’) (Typical) FOV: 38 ̊ horizontal, 22 ̊ vertical 
Inbuilt Solar Panel  Power output = 0.17W (Full sunlight) 
Memory Card  MMCTM Card (v4.2) or SDTM Card (v1.1), FAT16 file format 
Approximate Image Capacity  2GB Memory Card VGA: 32,000 images QVGA: 65,000 images 
External Power Supply  5 VDC, 1A
  9VDC to 24V DC, 300 mA (with optional interface board) 
  (Battery must be connected for IR spot) 
Internal Battery Capacity  Standalone: 22 week standby battery: Lithium Ion, 3.7V, 7.5Ah Wireless: 3 week standby battery: Lithium Ion, 3.7V, 7.5Ah 
Power Consumption  Standby: 1.9 mA , Running: 100 mA, with IR: 900 mA 
Case Dimensions & Rating  144 H x 84 W x 72 D mm, UV Resistant, IP65 – Waterproof Case 
Weight  350g (12oz) – Including battery 
Operating Temperature  -20 ̊C to +60 ̊C (-4 ̊ F to 140 ̊ F) 
PC Software Requirements  Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista 
Infra-red Remote Control  Range: 0 – 5m (Typical) Battery: 12V Alkaline, type 23A 

RedEye REMOTE Trigger RedEye Remote Trigger is a standalone motion sensor that will remotely trigger your RedEye camera from up to 80m away.

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RedEye REMOTE NightVision RedEye Remote NightVision is a standalone night vision spotlight for your RedEye camera.

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