MyMi5MyMi5 is a secure online platform for you to manage your RedEye Wireless and RedEye Extreme wire-free cameras.

The MyMi5 Platform provides a powerful and simple interface for you to manage access of your cameras and to search through activations from your cameras. The platform shows the status of your wireless cameras wherever they may be.

MyMi5 also enables simple camera configuration and also provides for immediate and scheduled image requests.

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Security-Grade surveillance

  • MyMi5 supports full security-grade surveillance management for cameras connected over cellular wireless networks
  • MyMi5 uses a programmable sampling technique to transmit a series of security-grade still images – the transmission is ideally suited to cellular networks. Additionally the image quality is retained for each frame without the usual image degradation received by taking a still frame from standard video footage.
  • The user sees a “filmstrip” of images with the ability to easily copy any image for identification purposes.


Enterprise-Grade platform

  • The MyMi5 service platform has been built from the ground up as a scalable open enterprise platform enabling integration at multiple levels within any organisation’s systems. 


User-centric design

  • MyMi5 utilises highly visual internet application technologies to enable customers to manage their own monitoring and security requirements –providing an easy-to-use interface of all types of customers
  • Existing surveillance management systems are based upon complex bespoke technologies designed for use by security companies rather than the customer – Mi5 Security’s approach is instead focused on the customer first


Surveillance anywhere

  • The MyMi5 service combination of hardware and software means that the customer has no limitation as to where they can place their Mi5 surveillance camera – at Fox Glacier, at the farm gate, in the warehouse, inside a vehicle, at your construction site or in the French Alps 


MyMi5 has the following interfaces available for website owners and custom application developers:

Developers of applications can use the published iDefigo REST API.

Custom applications can use a secure API to retrieve images and information relating to their organisation from any cameras or sites as well as as information relating to the organisation and it's users.

Secure FTP
Developers applications can use SFTP to retrieve images. The MyMi5 service is able to push via SFTP images retrieve from the organisations cameras to a websites / applications SFTP Server.

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