Mi5 Security named Runner up in M2M Challenge

Mi5 Security, back on the International stage again, pitching for a Global award in a category full of giants.

The panel of M2M Challenge judges evaluated concepts "based on the level of innovation as well as opportunity for successful implementation and the marketability of the concept". Considering the size of the market, and the fact that applications were free to submit, the Judges must have waded through hundreds, if not thousands of applicants to select the TOP 10 . Mi5 were selected as part of this process, which is pretty amazing, considering we are still a young business, and we don't have a huge team of sales people and marketing leverage behind us!

Online it states "The panel of judges will consist of international industry and research experts from the fields of ICT, electronics, sports and healthcare."

While we didn't win, we were named as "Runner up" in the Security category. Given this is a Global competition, and having our services marketed to key industry players in the high growth and highly competitive M2M and Cloud industries - key players who have evaluated our offerings and our Company and publicly announced that we are a Business likely to succeed - we are very happy for the recognition!