Problems we solve

If you are having problems with vandalism or theft in remote locations, you know the challenges of trying to watch over areas with no electricity, lighting or networking. Mi5 Security makes surveillance simple to purchase, simple to install, simple to scale and simple to manage.

Mi5 Security offers a truly remote security camera setup, which you can view securely from any computer in the world, or directly to your smartphone or tablet device.

This is perfect for construction sites or securing any remote location that does not yet have a network infrastructure in place.

The Problem with Conventional Surveillance Technologies

The need to secure assets and monitor assets in remote locations has increased significantly over the past 5 years. The remoteness of the locations means that thieves can, and do, steal or vandalise equipment and assets without concerns of being seen or caught.

The issue with remote sites is that cabling, power and the usual infrastructure security cameras traditionally rely on just don’t exist. Installing this infrastructure is not cost effective, so clients were either using people (guards) or installing expensive gates and other devices, none of which were particularly effective against the crimes being committed.

Further, the management of the footage from remote cameras has been extremely difficult. How do you store traditional bulky footage out in the middle of the forest, or at a Council-managed park? Worse still, how do access and find the right footage to give to the police after an event?

The Solution for Surveillance & Monitoring in Remote Locations

Mi5 Security saw that what was needed was to install a self-powered camera or a number of camera devices, which could capture images of the culprits and alert the clients immediately. By documenting the crime, using cameras designed to IDENTIFY not just Verify people and events, clients are able to document the crime fully, which means the Police can take action. If the Police capture just one thief, it would cover the cost of the system and act as a deterrent for the crime rings, reducing the future damages and loss for the client for the remote site.

Mi5 Security also needed to create "carrier friendly footage" - usable surveillance footage that can be sent from the remote location via cellular networks. This meant the footage couldn't be big and bulky, like traditional video, and it had to be of a high enough image quality to ensure successful prosecution was possible. The footage also needed to be secured, and easily accessible by an authorized user through the internet, or by a Security Monitoring company if required.

The Mi5 Security cameras and the MyMi5 software enable customers, for the first time, to be able to rapidly install a camera in any location and immediately receive security (motion activated) or monitoring (time lapse) footage securely to any internet capable device.

For the first time, Cellular networks are able to deliver surveillance footage reliably and consistently across their networks at the highest level of service that the security industry requires.

Because of Mi5's software platform, clients can now be assured that footage will get to them! Whether you have a need for one camera or 100,000 cameras, the MyMi5 platform can easily scale to make the management of your remote cameras simple. Large organisations can also use our software toolkit to easily integrate surveillance and monitoring services into their own technology environments.